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Tauto Biotech Water Purification System main features

  • Control system: Automatic PC control
  • Monitoring System: big LCD Display, user friendly interface
  • Water quality watching: pure water, ultra pure water online watching, real-time water quality data monitoring
  • Water quality: GB/T6682-92 first grade & GB/T11446.1-1997I first grade, and could replace the four times distilled water
  • Dural-wavelength UV lamp: two independent wavelength UV lamps to replace 1 dural-wavelength UV lamp to achieve lower TOC and better sterilization
  • RO membrane timing clearing: power on and timing RO membrane clearing to longer the RO membrane life
  • Inner cycling system: manual and automatic ultra pure water inner cycling system to get the best water quality
  • Consumable replacing alert: automatic consumables replacing alert, consumables replacing depends on the water and water quality, not the how long are the consumables are used
  • Alert parameters setting: customer could set the alert parameters for RO water and ultra pure water
  • Water output: more advanced and humanize button pushing water output
  • RO system made up: two times reverse osmosis, and RO membrane from Dow is adopted to achieve a steady water quality
  • Self protection: automatic shutdown when tap water is out of supply; automatic water producing when the tank is out of water; automatic shutdown when full of water
  • Communication: RS-232 to realize communication with PC
  • Water recovery rate: max to 70%
  • Water production cost: electricity cost is just 1/150 of the normal water distiller, and the cost for the water production is the 1/15 of the normal water distiller
  • Ultra pure column: Polishing ion exchange resin from Rohmhaas (now Dow) to assure the top water quality
  • Ultra filtering column: Ultra filter membrane (MW:5000) to remove endotoxin and control the endotoxin0.001EU/ml
  • End filter: end sterilization filter(0.22um, Sartorius), to assure asepsis
  • Noise level: 40 dm at 1 m away

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