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TBE -300V

Semipreparative Style

TBE-300V is dedicated for separation and purification of large molecules, like proteins, polypeptides and polysaccharides.


Valve Switching Four flow routes switch function, dual sixway-valve design
Flow rate range 0.1-50 ml/min
Separation flow rate 0.5~4ml/min
Column Capacity 300 ml
Sample Loop Volume 20 ml
Revolution speed range 0-900 rpm
Recommend working speed 700~900rpm
Temperature control module Temperature range 5 40
Accuracy 0.5
Pressure range 0-2MPa



When revolving at high speed the machine can reach a perfect balance. The retention rate of the solvent
system is satisfactory
Dual sixway-valve design
Four flow routes switch function. One valve is the sampling valve. Another valve is the flow route control valve.
Without stop the machine the operator can switch from forward revolution to reverse revolution and vice versa.
Precise temperature control
The temperature of separation process can be controlled precisely. The separation process will avoid to be
impacted by the environment temperature. So the repeatability of the experiment is guaranteed.
Combination with Aqueous two-phase systems
Aqueous two-phase systems provide mild conditions that do not harm or denature proteins or peptides.
The polymer layer stabilizes the extracted protein molecules, favoring a higher concentration of the
desired protein in one of the layers, resulting in an effective extraction.
These systems are amenable to scale ups, from laboratory-sized setups to those that can handle the
requirements of industrial production. They may be employed in continuous protein-extraction process.
The continuous high performance coutnercurrent distribution and optimized retention rate of stationary
phase improves the separation degree and shortens separation time.



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