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HSCCC Equipments
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Reference Materials
Huperzine A
Plant Extracts
TBE -1000A

Preparative Style


Power Source 220V20V 500.5Hz
Power 750 W
Flow rate range 5.0-10ml/min
Column Capacity 1000 ml
Sample loop 80 ml
Revolution speed range 400-600 rpm
Temperature control module Temperature range 15 40
Accuracy 0.5
Pressure range 0-2MPa
Monitor UV detector with Hg lamp 254,280nm (Standard Accessories), other detectors such as conductivity detector , pH detector , ELSD , MS etc. can also be used.
Dimensions 6289181048 mm


Main Advantages

Patented design of 3-partitioning-column and dual sixway-valve;

Online detection supported.



The machine adopts the design of 3 coiled column connected in series. So it can reach the perfect balance when revolving at a very high speed. The running is stable and the noise is notably low.

The separation process is swift and the operation is convenient. The balance of the machine will not be affected by changes of the density of the solvents. The stability is guaranteed.

No irreversible absorption waste.

High recovery.

High preparative capacity and good repeatability. Suitable for technique scaling up.


Other features

It integrates a thermostatic module which can control the temperature of experiment precisely. Thus the application range is expanded and the repeatability is boosted. Also there are more options for choosing a suitable solvent system. It is especially suitable for separating the active ingredients sensitive to the environment temperature.


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